WORX WG471 Power Share Cordless Snow Blower Review

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If you’re looking for a nice snow blower that won’t cost you a fortune, you’ve come to the right place. We’re here to check out a super popular, reliable, and durable cordless snowblower. The model we are here to look at today is the WORX WG471 Power Share Cordless Snow Blower. It’s got plenty of power and enough size for most jobs.

Comparison Chart

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WORX WG471 40V Power Share 20″ Cordless Snow Blower with Brushless Motor
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Craftsman SB470 28-in 243cc Two-Stage Gas Snow Blower with Push-Button Electric Start (CMXGBAM1054543), Liberty red

WORX WG471 Power Share Cordless Snow Blower

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Let’s take a closer look at the WORX WG471 Power Share Cordless Snow Blower. It’s a great battery powered unit that features 40 volts of power. It can make a wide path in fairly deep snow, and it can throw that snow quite some distance too. It’s just a simple, user friendly, and affordable snow blower that should work perfectly for most purposes.

Who Is this Product for?

This unit is designed for anybody who needs a powerful snowblower, but doesn’t want a gas powered model. It might not have quite as much power as a gas model, but it gets pretty darn close. If you need a good snowblower for moderate amounts of snow, this is a good one to check out.

What’s Included?

Along with the snowblower itself, you also get dual 20V powershare batteries. You also get the required battery charger.

Overview of Features

One of the best features of this snow blower is that it has dual 20 Volt powershare batteries. This means that this snow blower has a total of 40 volts of power behind it. In case you didn’t know, 40 volts is quite a bit of power for any snow blower. This is especially true for a battery operated model.

Of course, being cordless and battery operated means that you don’t have to worry about ever plugging it in. You don’t have to worry about gas running out either. Another advantage that this model has over a gas powered snow blower is that it is much lighter in weight. Being lightweight does of course help make life a bit easier.

On that same note, gasoline powered snow blowers are of course very bad for the environment, but this one is not. With that being said you still get just as much power as with a gas powered snow blower.

What’s also pretty cool is that these batteries can also be used for a wide variety of other 20 Volt and 40 Volt tools from this particular brand. These powershare battery systems are definitely really cool. When combined, both of these 20 Volt batteries will provide you with roughly 40 to 60 minutes of runtime per charge.

You might also appreciate how this snow blower can create a path up to 20 inches wide, as well as 10 inches deep. That’s pretty impressive no doubt. You may also appreciate how this model has the ability to throw snow up to 20 feet into the distance. It comes complete with a 180 degree rotating chute, as well as a one touch deflector system. This allows you to throw the snow in any direction as you see fit. It definitely has enough clearance to handle a two car driveway with ease.

This model comes complete with a single stage rotary auger. This type of auger is made with just one piece, which therefore means that it is extremely durable and unlikely to break. You might also like the brushless high efficiency motor, as it is extremely durable and long lasting.

Another cool feature here is the headlight that this snow blower comes equipped with. This allows you can keep working after dark. Another neat feature is the collapsible handle to easily transport and store your snow blower. It also comes complete with durable wheels that can easily roll over most terrains.

How to Use it

The cool thing about a snow blower like this is that it is extremely easy to use. All you have to do is to make sure that the batteries are fully charged before inserting them into the snow blower. Once you have done this, just use the one touch starter to get it running. Once it’s running, just adjust the snow deflector and the chute as desired, and you’re good to go.


  • Durable yet lightweight
  • Cool powershare battery system
  • Lots of power for a battery operated model
  • Can throw snow up to 20 feet
  • Makes a wide and deep path
  • Comes with a headlight
  • Collapsible handle for storage
  • Very user friendly


  • 40 minute runtime might not be enough for very heavy snowfalls
  • Not the best for very thick and heavy snow


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Now, the WORX WG471 Power Share Cordless Snow Blower is indeed a fantastic model to consider. That being said, you just won’t get as much power or runtime out of a battery powered model as out of a gas blower. In case you need something heavy duty for those huge and heavy snowfalls, you might want to check out the Craftsman SB470 28-in 243cc Two-Stage Gas Snow Blower. It features a gas engine combined with a width of 28 inches. It makes quick work out of even the heaviest of snowfalls.


When it comes to cordless snow blowers, the WORX WG471 Power Share Cordless Snow Blower is hands down one of the best. It’s durable, has good battery life, and makes a deep and wide path too. You really can’t ask for any more than that, especially for the great price it comes in at.

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